Services and GO! Process


2Thynk offers support for your goal setting and execution of your plan in three customer-oriented approaches. 

The web-based GO! Process, for true do-it-yourselfers, is available for annual subscription and has many self study elements for organizations wishing to make the planning process happen on their own. The process includes worksheets and video support for the completion of various planning process steps. Numerous tools are available to support your efforts including:

  • Pro Forma Templates
  • SWOT Analysis Worksheets
  • Mission Statement Development Worksheets
  • Longer Range Vision Exercises
  • And more!

Each of these can be adapted to meet your needs and will assist you in addressing the development and attainment of your plans.

   Annual subscription:   $995

GO! Guides

Second, we offer a less intensive guided process for organizations desiring more support. This is a coaching engagement with the Owner/CEO and/or Planning Officer to assist in driving the process of goal definition and attainment support. Coaching can be provided using conference calls or online support. This process follows a coaching model with specific planning process assignments chosen by the organization, including:

  • SWOT Analysis
  • Prioritization Analysis and Selection
  • Goal Definition and Results Framework
  • Implementation of the planning schedule
  • Performance management techniques

This coached process is highly customized to meet your organization’s unique needs.

   Annual subscription   Core $4775, Range $2,775 to 7,775

  • Includes access to GO! Process tools
  • Core program includes coaching at 10 hours per quarter, alternative plans available.
  • Scheduled for conference call or online meetings per mutual availability

GO! Facilitation

2Thynk provides facilitation resources for executive team GO! Meetings, with these objectives:

  • Executive team development
  • Analyze current performance and needs
  • Define the priorities for the new year
  • Structure the priorities into measurable goals
  • Determine supporting actions and responsibilities
  • Engage your team in the entire process

Depending on the level of need and opportunity, these meetings can be designed for a half day to two days. 2Thynk will provide ongoing guidance and facilitation supporting your attainment with regular follow-up GO! Meetings and use of our web-based GO! Process.

The GO! Process supports all these service levels with a way to track your goals, enter and track progress, share and collect results with your engaged team members.

   Annual subscription:   Core $9,775 Range to $19,775

  • Includes access to GO! Process tools
  • Core includes 1 day facilitated Go! meeting to initiate process; 1 half day meeting in Q1 through Q4; coaching 4 hours per quarter; travel expenses billed separately
  • Scheduled per mutual availability
  • Alternative plans available

All services to be billed/paid quarterly through an auto-payment arrangement.